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DMS Basketball
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Friday, November 03, 2017
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               DeSoto Middle School

               Basketball Schedule (Girls and Boys)




Date                                        Opponent                     Location                        Time

November 14th                      Lake Placid                     Away                        5:30/6:30


November 16th                      Sebring                          Home                       5:30/6:30


November30th                        Hardee                         Away                          5:30/6:30


December 5th                         Avon Park                     Home                        5:30/6:30


December 7th                       Hill-Gustat                    Away                          5:30/6:30


December 12th                       Lake Placid                 Home                        5:30/6:30


December 14th                       Sebring                          Away                      5:30/6:30


December 19th                       Hardee                          Home                      5:30/6:30


January 11th                           Avon Park                     Away                        5:30/6:30


January 16th                          Hill-Gustat                    Home                        5:30/6:30








                   Girls                                                                         Boys

                Head Coach: Ardine Primus                        Head Coach: Michael Settle

                     Assistant Coach:                                       Assistant Coach: James South



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