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Mark  Steinke
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I attended Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I earned a B.A. degree in Psychology/Sociology. In 1981, I attended Concordia Seminary. There, I spent 4 years and became a Lutheran Pastor, earning my M.Div.


When I moved to Florida in 2007, I set a course toward becoming a teacher. After taking the appropriate tests and classes, I became a science teacher at Joshua Creek Juvenile Center in Arcadia. When that was closed down, I taught in LaBelle Middle School as a 6-8 grade science, math and language arts teacher. I spent some time at a charter school in Lee County where I taught math and science to 5th grade students. I then came to Desoto Middle School where I am teaching 7th grade math.


I was born and raised in Michigan. While in college I met my wife to be. We married in 1982. We have 2 wonderful children, and two lovely grandchildren. My wife and I moved to Florida in 2007.