About Us » Mission


Our mission is to create a safe and positive learning environment to ensure that all students have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential.


  1. DeSoto Middle School will build in our students a stronger sense of responsibility for themselves, others, and the community so that they may become productive and involved members of society.
  2. The DeSoto Middle School staff will implement strategies to accommodate the varied learning styles which will foster a positive learning environment for the student.
  3. DeSoto Middle School will maintain high academic standards in order to foster the development of each student's academic potential.


At DeSoto Middle School we believe everyone has the right and responsibility to achieve his or her educational best. Successful student education results from a safe, supportive and challenging environment that gives the early adolescent an opportunity to explore, discover and learn. To be the best we can be, we will:
  • Honor individual differences
  • Clearly define the things we expect from everyone
  • Hold each person accountable for his or her own behavior



As an AVID school we strive to enhance a college-bound culture for ALL students. Through AVID strategies and elective classes in each grade level, students in the AVID program receive support with advanced rigor of honors courses. DeSoto Middle School is in its second year of the AVID Program and we are implementing AVID strategies school-wide. All students have a three inch binder to help them with their organizational skills. DeSoto Middle School is implementing WICOR (W=Writing, I=Inquiry, C=Collaboration, O=Organization, R=Reading) school-wide. We will have a parent night in the near future so please check back for further updates.